Ketanya Fashions is a clothing solution store provides their clients with top quality clothing variety. We were taken with creating a cohesive look and feel for Ketanya by redesigning their logo, creating designs for in-store posters, outdoor marketing, social media and product marketing.

Digital Business approached us to create a cohesive look and feel for

Digicel's Could Solutions, creating designs that capture the attention of the 

viewer while conveying the importance of the message. Enter "SafeSync" 

New Era Homes is a development company. We took it on ourselves to

rebrand them as a company project. By re-designing the logo we showed them the potential their brand had on being a strong icon in the industry. 


We had tons of fun creating this new direction for New Era.

looking forward to more case studies like this.


Howard Johnson Realty Limited is a Real Estate company. The approached us to create a mark that would  immediately place them in the market place as a contender. They wanted a modern / relevant look and feel to their brand. After much brainstorming we were able to create a mark transcending time and geography.