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Ketanya Fashions is a clothing solution store provides their clients with top quality clothing variety. We were taken with creating a cohesive look and feel for Ketanya by redesigning their logo, creating designs for in-store posters, outdoor marketing, social media and product marketing.

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 2.48.50 PM.png

Jamaica Stock Exchange has been around for many years.

It is time for an update. We set out to bring them into the modern

sphere. We updated their logo and added new life to their branding

Screen Shot 2022-01-03 at 2.16.10 PM.png
akii logo.png

BOJ has piloted a Central Bank Digital Currency. By doing so, a competition

was entered to create a Logo, Tag line and Image for the currency.

With the Ackee fruit being the inspiration behind the
Name given to the currency, the same is
used in the rationale of the logo.

Seeing that Digital Currency is seen as a futuristic/modern
the mark that identifies it should portray the same
characteristic. By taking the image of an open Ackee Fruit, the construction
of a simplified geometric logo was achieved.


Howard Johnson Realty Limited is a Real Estate company. The approached us to create a mark that would  immediately place them in the market place as a contender. They wanted a modern / relevant look and feel to their brand. After much brainstorming we were able to create a mark transcending time and geography. 

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